Our Mission

Cinema Public House strives to be the world's premiere provider of specialty services, administration, event planning, marketing, and promotional services to film festivals, art galleries and festivals, screenwriting competitions, talent shows, music fesitvals, exhibits, art walks, and new media showcases.

We provide readers, screeners, judging, local outreach, community outreach, administrative services, industry outreach, marketing, publicity, public relations, event planning, talent selection, local promotion, radio, print, and online promotion services tailored to our specific client's needs.

The Team


Joseph Nybyk has been working with film festivals for over ten years across several states and continents. His entertainment career, like most, began with local theatre and led to his performing in over 40 national commercials as well as several small roles in television and independent film. He spent his thirties working as a writer and touring as a professional stand up comedian. He's sold several scripts and has been paid to write many more. He's written for and optioned properties to several producers in and around Hollywood including Robert Evans, Phoenix Pictures, Black Bay Entertainment, Aflix Entertainment, and the Film Cartel. He's also performed at comedy clubs all across the country including the World Famous Laugh Factory, the World Famous Comedy Store, Laff's, Jokerz, Gotham, Dangerfields, the Broadway Comedy Club, APCA, and over twenty casinos. 

Joseph is passionate about supporting both local and emerging artists across the world. He is a talented actor, writer, director, producer, and stand up comedian. His leadership and administrative skills are just as strong. Having worked at Paramount Pictures, Landmark Entertainment, Carsey-Werner, Witt-Thomas-Harris, Susan Smith and Associates, and Black Bay Entertainment, his industry relationships run deep and his entertainment industry outreach services are unrivaled.


Ramon Carlos Periamos has been working as a writer and editor for over twenty years. He started in print journalism and moved into internet content. He is a seasoned veteran when it comes to editing and has a passion for film and screenwriting.


Sharad M Gupta has studied and worked in the arts all over the world, from the US and Canada to Mumbai and back again. After graduating from University, he has made multiple films and has spent his life passionately pursuing, studying, and working in the arts of photography, drafting, music, poetry, writing, screenwriting, cooking, filmmaking, and literature


Faith Marfiol is a current film student and has eclectic tastes in both film and music, her go-to movies are chick flicks. Her favorite is Trainwreck starring Amy Schumer. A close second for her is "Before Sunrise.” And she totally regrets not seeing it sooner. She loves the film because of the depth of the characters, the richness of their dialogue, and the complexity of their relationship. Like everyone else, she loves the way the characters spend their one night together just talking about anything and everything; just connecting with one another with the courage to say whatever they want and trusting that their partner will understand no matter what. The complexity of human language is what differentiates us from all other species and this is essential in our highest form of communication, the expression of love, and Linklater’s movie expresses this very well. She also liked the two sexy lead actors who got to live out everyone’s fantasy of falling in love while backpacking through Europe


Jenny Irinco graduated in 2010 with a degree in psychology from City University of Manila. She claims it helps her immensely in her interactions with other artists. She has always had a passion for the arts and has worked as a performer most of her life. She’s spent the past four years working in Academia and for three years before that working for a various tech companies based out of Cupertino, California. She loves to read and has always had a passion for the cinema. We are very lucky to have her on the Cinema Public House team.


Cal Roman speaks several languages and has more degrees than most families of four. He is very well educated and has worked in Academia since 2005. His language and translation skills are exceptional. He has a passion for the arts and cinema as well as facilitating productive cross-cultural relationships and has created extensive informational material and coursework to help colleagues understand and develop cultural sensitivity.


Teri Cailo graduated from Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Science where she developed a passion for the cinema. She’s a big fan of Superman movies, comic books, and fantasy films. She believes that Christopher Reeve is still the best Clark Kent/Superman and has seen the movie Twilight seven times in the theatre. Her favorite film is Ghost with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze for the romance, Whoopi Goldberg for the comedy, and Unchained Melody for the music. Apart from watching movies, she also loves the outdoors: particularly the beach, waterfalls, and the mountains and physical activities like bowling, running, ziplining, trekking, biking, and mountain climbing.


Al Pascual loves watching movies especially good ones. Sir Anthony Hopkins became his favorite actor when he portrayed Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs, despite Pascual being thirteen and still not old enough to fully appreciate the depth of his work or stay up late enough to watch the entire film. But with a young mind and a curious demeanor, he still fell in love with the way he created the role and the effect the film had on the audience. He’d never experienced anything like it before. Pascual immediately found himself falling in love with the cinema and, through his admiration, critiquing every film he saw. It's as if there was a standard established in his mind and he immediately began looking at film from a director's perspective. It’s his love for cinema that led him to work with Cinema Public House.


We are an organization dedicated to helping writers and organizations that serve writers. We provide coverage services to film festivals, screenwriting competitions, and writing competitions of all shapes and sizes.

We will also soon be expanding to provide creative feedback and proofreading services directly to writers and production companies as well.

For more information about our services and how we may create some synergy together please reach out to us here.